Féministe mais Féminine at Chanel for Spring / Summer 2015

Using 70s-era feminism as a background, the Spring / Summer 2015 Chanel collection is shaping up to be flamboyant and feminine under the direction of Karl Lagerfeld, with the same sense of functionality and practicality that has been associated with the fashion house of Chanel since its debut.

Along with the signature tweed suit, this collection showcased flaming watercolor prints of fuchsia, wide-legged pantsuits, bolero jackets, dandy coats and oversized knee boots. Striped sweater dresses also made an appearance.

A stand-out piece was a white cropped shirt with ruffled shoulders, pinstripe shorts and gold sneakers.

New must-have accessory, the Coco Girl bag, featuring tweed, braid and buttons also made its debut. Adhering to the philosophy of practicality, the bag has soft leather handles that can be tied around the shoulder or the waist, much like the signature jacket itself.

In a post-show interview, Lagerfeld explained his inspiration behind the collection: “I like the idea that Chanel, even if it is expensive, it’s efficient... you can wear it in all sorts of circumstances... Normally I don’t do so many colors…I made watercolors, we enlarged them and made this print.”

In addition to the new Coco Girl bag, another piece from the collection sure to be a hit is the assortment of golden gladiator sandals. “The golden shoes, it’s like sunshine,” said Lagerfeld. “I like the idea that the front of the shoe was like a men’s shoe and behind was like a woman’s shoe, with something around the ankle.”
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