Madonna’s Plans & Cotton On China

Madonna’s EBM Collaboration
American pop superstar Madonna is embarking on a bold collaboration with Swedish EDM (electronic dance music) and progressive house music producer Tim Bergling, more famously known as Avicii. The upcoming project was announced on Instagram by Madonna, who said she was on her way to the studio to work with the renowned DJ. While the form of the collaboration is not yet known, Madonna had previously told press she was in the early stages of producing a new album. The move is not the first time the pair have been associated, with her surprise appearance at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival to introduce the DJ and his remix of her MDNA single “Girl Gone Wild”.

Cotton On Eyes China
One of the world's fastest growing retail groups, Australian casual wear retailer Cotton On is set to expand in the Asian region with an aggressive launch by the company in the Chinese market to challenge the dominance of Uniqlo and H&M. The clothing chain has 1,300 stores globally, with 160 stores in Asia, including stores in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Chris Pine DUI Charge
33 year old American actor Chris Pine, known for playing Captain Kirk in the recent Star Trek reboots has pleaded guilty in a New Zealand court to charges of drink driving. The actor was fined 93 NZD and had his New Zealand drivers license suspended for 6 months. The incident came after Chris Pine attended the Z for Zachariah production wrap party, consuming 4 vodka-based drinks before driving home.
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