An Inside Look at Stéphane Rolland

FashionOne host Maiken Lorentz gets an exclusive interview with French fashion designer Stéphane Rolland at his atelier on Avenue George V in Paris, France. Breaking with the traditional runway presentation in 2014, Rolland showcased his collection in a short film, "L'Echapée," which starred his muse Spanish model Nieves Alvarez. An exhibition followed the showing of the movie.

He revealed that his goal in presenting his collection in this way was to change the methods he used to present his work, and had considered making a film for a long time.

The film emphasizes Rolland’s love of free women who express themselves, who are strong and powerful, and yet fragile at the same time.

The choice of Nieves Alvarez to star in the film was obvious, he says, "because she is my kind of ideal of femininity, and so really the collection is different because the process of creativity was different." "I didn't create a collection, I created the costume for Nieves who is performing in the movie, so it's a different process," he explained.

The highlight of the show for Rolland, is without a doubt the "rose dress," which allows a woman to be sexy without being too over the top.

"My goal is to present a movie each year, and a fashion show each year," he said.
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