Lingerie Trends in 2014

Lingerie is often overlooked but there is nothing more important in one's wardrobe to create a good silhouette for the rest of one's clothes to hang properly and in the most flattering way.

French lingerie designer and stylist Sophie Malagola explains the emerging trends in lingerie for 2014.

Three strong trends are apparent this year: corsetry lingerie, sporty lingerie and lingerie with an erotic flair, inspired by hit trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James.

There is a resurgence in the desire for beautiful lingerie and the desire for corsetry, according to Malagola. High quality labels and fine lingerie fabrics such as Calais lace, tulle and embroidery to create elegant French corsetry ensembles such as those offered by Eres and La Perla.

The second strong trend is sport. Many lingerie brands offer their own sportswear line nowadays. Comfort is a key aspect of these lines, but with certain sports look prevails over technique, and thus a mixture of the two is increasingly important for the modern woman. Marks & Spencer and Panache offer a number of variations on this type of lingerie.

The third trend is derived from the popularity of the trilogy of erotic novels Fifty Shades of Grey, and is not just sexy but erotic, and is born from this idea of fetishism. This type of lingerie is always black and made from fabrics and materials close to leather and satin, and feature straps, rings and other accessories, influenced by the idea of bondage.

"And so you have to identify what you feel most beautiful and comfortable and confident wearing, and not strictly in direct relation to the rules" says Sophie Malagola, "if you don’t want to don a skin-tight corset with stockings, then it doesn't matter."
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