Amazon’s Wearable Technology & Style Thief

Amazon's Wearable Tech Store

Pioneering internet goods giant Amazon has launched through their UK site a store devoted to the emerging field of wearable technology devices. The store sells a host of cutting edge devices including smart watches, activity trackers, smart glasses, wearable cameras and more, so with over 100 products already listed it has become the world’s largest vendor of wearable technology devices. Alongside the items there is comprehensive device compatibility information and user reviews, as well as a ‘coming soon’ section which highlights new devices.

Biggest Elle Magazine Ever!

American multinational media group Hearst has announced the September issue of Elle will be its largest ever in terms of both page numbers and ad revenue, with the magazine featuring 425 pages of advertising, a 5 percent increase from the previous year.

Style Thief App

American actress and model Kate Bosworth is partnering with Sam Russ, the co-owner of speciality retail chain American Rag Cie, in a new fashion technology app called Style Thief. The app allows users to take a photograph or reference a photo online which it then searches for and allows the user to purchase in a hassle free manner. The app hopes to tap into the popularity of phone based street snap photography and fuse it to the growing importance of mobile fashion commerce.

Mango’s Revised Forecast

Spanish high street behemoth Mango has cut its revenue forecasts after launching new clothing lines. The company now said it expected to generate 3.27 billion euro or 2.60 billion pounds in 2017, 34 percent less than the 4.97 billion euro forecast in the previous year’s report. CEO Enric Casi, speaking about the revised figures, said that the previous figures had been optimistic and acknowledged that the new lines would take a couple of years to reach the sales figures of its more established offerings.

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