A Desire for Utility at Phillip Lim Autumn/Winter 2015-16

Across an earthy palette of khaki, navy and grey, American designer Phillip Lim created a collection that paid homage to mountain climbing and the “slow and steady” metaphor it carries. Quilted bomber jackets with jacquard print, longline wool parkas and cashmere sweaters were in abundance at this show during Paris Fashion Week. The collection as a whole served as an interesting twist on basics, but manages to offer aesthetic reinterpretations of climbing gear as well.

This is mostly evident in the multi-strapped wool vests. It is a contextual twist on the life-saving gear, upon which the wearer can feel prepared and mobile without the cumbersomeness of the original quilted vest. If marketed widely, this could definitely be a new trend for the basic garment. Lattice knit tunics were also present in the collection as well. While it could definitely be worn over a bare chest in warmer climates, wearing a thin, dark turtleneck underneath, along with some distressed jeans and combat boots can offer both a rugged and avant-garde look.

Lim extensively spoke about the intersectionality of his collection. “…Sports nowadays and athletics is really part of fashion, with people on the go, and I call them global citizens… we are always moving around so we are always trying to incorporate functional aspects into fashion… I literally take all of that and incorporate that into fashion… because you know I make clothes for real people.”

This autumn/fall collection is perfect for men who want to look sophisticated and rugged at the same time.
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