Mad Men’s Jon Hamm Gets Dapper for GQ

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Mad Men’s seven episode final season is underway and all anyone can talk about is what’s going to happen to Don Draper––including Jon Hamm, who plays Don Draper. Hamm admitted to ABC News that ending his role as Don was like experiencing a death. He said, “It’s a loss. You go through the five steps of grief and whoever invented those, was a genius. It’s so true. You can write them down and that’s how you do it. Whatever it is –- anger, bargaining, acceptance and all the other things, that’s kind of how, for me, it was.”

While Mr. Draper is quite serious, its not all loss and grief for Hamm. Hamm is on the cover of April’s GQ and looks as dapper as ever in a series of modern day suits that would give his character a run for his money. The end of Mad Men may be bittersweet, but Hamm is all jokes and smiles here.

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