Kaal E. Suktae Offers Crisp Tailoring and Cartoon Chic to Delight the Fashionably Young at Heart

Come with us to take a close up look at the new Kaal E. Suktae womenswear collection for autumn/winter 2015. Fashion One brings you highlights from the chic and quirky runway show held in the Pavilion at the Lincoln Center, New York as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Discover the mix of structured charm and playful appeal in the latest designs inspired by the famous South Korean cartoon character Dooly, a big eyed baby dinosaur given magical powers by aliens.

The collection conveyed its comic book roots using bold primary colors red, blue and yellow along with Dooly green, camel brown, black and white with characters from the series appearing in appliqués on some of the garments. There were multiple tiered pockets and utility sections on jackets and parkas worn over ultra high waisted skirts, monochrome blocked dresses, long tapered skirts and straight leg pants. The strong and lean silhouette gave a fresh contemporary feeling with high necklines and bold tailoring accentuated by the models who were styled in white tights with matching platform soled shoes.

Other garments included a white textured bomber jacket with fur pockets, stiff cropped jackets resembling folder brown paper, offbeat asymmetric long zipped biker jackets as well as military inspired epaulets, tabs and fastenings on coats in addition to collared bolero jackets with detachable lower sleeves.
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