Kenzo Impresses with Stripes, Striking Prints and an Innovative Runway Show

We take you inside the Kenzo ready-to-wear presentation at Paris Fashion Week 2015 for the upcoming autumn/winter 15 season. Held at the Paris Event Centre the inventive runway show utilized a moving backdrop made up of revolving blocks with abstract jungle print and mirrored sides interacting with the models.

Watch the VIP guests arriving at the venue and then take a look backstage in hair and makeup where the models are transformed with striking warrior-like white painted eyelids and colourful patterned nail art. Fashion One speaks with the designer duo Carol Lim and Humberto Leon who reveal their thoughts and concepts regarding their latest collection.

Lim was excited to see the stage design in action, combining the abstract tree imagery with technology to create an experience with the clothes that the audience wouldn't expect. Leon explained the theme of “protection” which was conveyed in the hoods, capes, scarves and peaked caps which, when mixed with fluid fabrics, created an air of relaxation and movement in addition to re-injecting femininity.

As expected from the label there was a heavy emphasis on pattern––particularly stripes and floral prints. The color palette ranged from blues, greens and whites with some blacks, reds, and vibrant acid accents.

Singer-songwriter Yoann Lemoine attended the show and gave his thoughts on the impressive concept. He was clearly happy that such a dynamic event took place in Paris and complimented the show for its innovation in communication of clothes.
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