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MODEL Misheelt Narmandakh (aka Barbie) Mongolia

  • Name: Barbie(Misheelt)

  • Height: 180 cm

  • Weight: 55 kg

  • C / W / H: 82 / 60 / 90 cm

  • Shoe size: 40 EU / 9.5 US / 7.5 UK

  • Eyes: Long straight Dark brown

  • Hair: Dark Brown


A fresh graduate from high school and a leading Volleyball athlete, Barbie got into modeling at a very early age. Her dreams to be an international supermodel have put them into intense training in several photography areas including underwater, lingerie and swimwear in which she feels comfortable due to her experience to manage her body to always reach new heights just as in her favorite sport. Her very subtle features highlighted by her facial symmetry make her the perfect candidate for an eastern look that at once represents a neutral body to embrace all kind of international brands and aesthetics.